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Suzanne M Howard
Board Certified Mental Health Coach

I am Suzanne M Howard, a certified mental health life coach. As a mental health coach, I provide support and guidance to men, women, children, and families struggling with issues such as anxiety, grief, codependency, relationships, and familial communication issues. My approach is tailored to the individual and I work to create an environment of trust and acceptance.

I believe that everyone has the power to make a positive change in their life and I strive to empower my clients to do just that. With my help, they can develop the tools needed to become better versions of themselves. I am passionate about helping my clients identify and address their issues' root causes so they can progress toward a brighter future.
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Individual, Marital & Pre Marital, Child & Family Mental Health Life Coaching

The role of a mental health coach is to identify the mental issues the client is struggling with. Issues, not illness. That which could be treated with thought and behavioral modification end up being subject to medications, which not only deteriorate the mind but also takes a toll on the body.

The process of mental health services goes similar to this,


  • Identify the cause of their distress.

  • Recognize negative thought patterns.

  • Realize their potential.

  • Identify toxic habits and behavioral patterns.

  • Client accountability 

  • Layout realistic milestones of progress.


The Goal: 

  • Place actionable plans in place to break away from the toxic cycles withholding their progress.

  • Regain their self-confidence, sense of self-worth and seek a meaningful purpose.

  • Rediscover the source of their passions and motivations.

A mental health coach enables you to seek the realization of who you are and instills the desire to find out who you can be if you decide to put in all the effort and work towards achieving your best self. This involves helping people discard negative self-talk and self-pity and allocate their energy towards progress and positivity, completely changing their lives by assisting them to change their mental outlook on life. Simply by altering their thoughts with the power of their own minds.

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