Upcoming Events

  • Group Therapy -Recovering from an Unloving Mother (small group, held on zoom)
    Feb 20, 10:00 AM EST – May 29, 11:30 AM EDT
    Private Meeting Space on Zoom - limited
    You believed and perhaps still believe, that you were to blame for mother not loving you. You were afraid—to tell anyone because you wanted to be like all the other daughters, the ones who were hugged by their mothers and whose moms smiled when they came into the room... * note each session is $25
  • Mistakes Women Make in Leading
    Apr 15, 7:00 PM EDT – May 27, 9:00 PM EDT
    Are you in Leadership in church or the marketplace? Is it your desire to lead someday? This Training Workshop is for you!
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Personal Coaching

Offering short-term support to grow through a rough season. Offering  long term support for long-term changes


Start Healthy Magazine

Support for the whole person; mind, body & spirit

Relationship Support

Supporting two individuals in a relationship ;whether one or both are ready to start!

Family Counsel

The family dynamic does change over time. Lets communicate