Love you My Nathan Apostle. One of the most amazing thing happen today. Never knew the owner of the store I volunteer for. Have been watching me on fbook with the 30 day detoxing. Everyone she was telling a few people in the store today and introducing me a soul detoxer and she is doing it with me. Wow. Apostle that's the watch what you put or say on social media you never know who is watching. Today did it for me.

Story Title... Saved my job

My mentor!!!!
I was on the verge of loosing my job.  Working the tools you gave and getting rid of toxic thoughts and emotions turned around a corporate decision. I was told today that they value my work and attitude as well as how I handled myself over the last week.
I give praise to God for placing you in my life at such a time as this.
Knowing what I know now.... I am able to NOT self sabotage my destiny.  T
ruly I am humbled at the depth of this detox teaching.  I am praying that God replenish your strength as you pour out to us.... 
He not only saved my job but my soul is being nourished... the light is shining brighter. And people are asking me what has changed in me? I'm not complaining and stressed out as much anymore.  How can I repay you?
Love you mighty woman of God.

I dreamed of me..

Dear Apostle, 
Many years ago I had what was a very frightening dream.
In the dream I was in bed when a knock on the door made me jump! It was so loud, so frantic….it made me so angry I just swung the door open! I didn't even look through the peep hole first!
...I should have looked through the peep hole first…..because there is no way I would have opened that door. It was me, Regina, standing there with all her weight shifted onto one hip, arms folded, looking at me “you should know better!”

I tried to close the door back real quick but she got in anyway so we started to fight cause I was determined to get her out of my house! I remember my first thought was “dang she’s strong! This is NOT gonna be easy!” She fought me as hard as I fought her, the harder I hit, the harder she hit.…her efforts matched mine. 
When I got her in a decent choke hold, she got me in one…at the same time. I knew I had the strength to strangle her….or….me…. but, with her matching everything I did, with equal strength, I reasoned we’d probably just both die at the same time….

This Soul Detox is this dream coming back to me. I’m starting to ‘see myself’ for the very first time. Some of the roots I’ve discovered at first made me angry and bitter. I used to dream I was screaming my at my parents but every time I yelled at them with all my rage nothing would come out  (somebody stole my voice). It’s hard to live with someone as you discover they are the root to the majority of your issues. Hatred and bitterness creep up. Now when he (my father) walks through the door I have to remember; he is a flawed human, he genuinely loves me, and forgiveness is for everyone.

Some very old, very thick scabs are coming off areas of my life that I have buried for years under a professional ‘smile’. I praise God that you see through it and loved me enough to ask “if you weren’t ok would you tell me?”

I covered up for so long I didn’t know that I wasn’t alright. I’ve cried like a baby every night and throughout the next day since this Detox began. But I feel it….I feel it working….I’m coming into my genuine self. Thank you Jesus! 

I will be going through this process for many months after this is over. The Lord will tend to my physical body when He will…but THIS is the healing I desperately needed!  This is where my liberty is. “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to how grateful I am….the words are just not enough.  God bless you Apostle.

Soul and physical healing

Grace and peace Apostle Howard just wanted to take the time today to share with you how this 30 day detox has been a blessing to my life. on January 3rd I had a very serious eye surgery on my right eye while laying face down on the bed on Friday night I heard someone speaking about a hummingbird and it immediately grabbed my attention and I asked what she was listening to because it stopped me in my tracks. First I'd like to thank God for your obedience to start this 30 day soul detox on Facebook and I also thank God for the power and authority in which you speak and operate in. The doctor had said that my sight would not return the way it was prior to the surgery because I had a detached retina but at my post op second exam I found out that I am doing much better than they expected and I'm actually able to sit up now as opposed to being on my face. I believe during one of the sessions you were speaking about healing spiritually as well as physically and I do believe this detox has helped my healing physically as well as mentally and spiritually. This is definitely helping us get our lives back on track. Thank you for sharing your testimony it is beneficial and so many ways. I posted my cups for truth and trash and include you in on the post.

I just want to thank you for allowing God to use you as a light for his called people. I have been struggling the past 10 months with myself. Hiding from my truths under my lies Hiding from becoming who I am called to be. I would like to share part of my testimony with you I know you have many people flooding your messages and we all are reaching out to you. My mom is a woman who is into psychics and astrology. She's been that way my whole life. Teaching me about it and also been coupling it in with God when I would ask her about Jesus. Somehow trying to relate the two, all the time. She blinded me my whole life. Even as a young adult with kids from an early age she would Come to me with her visions and her witchcraft and I always felt she was wrong but as my mother I wanted a relationship with her so I took to her ways. Now as a grown adult back living under her roof due to things out of my control, it's worse than ever. But that under lying desire for a closeness with my mom still exists naturally. She's even exposed my kids to it. I have met you many years ago at TOR when it was in the imagineers building near west hartford. Pastor Bruce Carter was my pastor at the time. He had you come speak and during your sermon he had everyone come up for prayer and that was my first time ever being slain in the Holy Spirit all I remember is you touching my forehead and praying over me. I felt a rush of tingling sensation all thru my body and down I went. Anyways I became saved that Sunday morning. And I have been on fire for God ever since. However I have been a liar. I have been hiding my sins of marijuana use, pain pills, and fornication and pornography and masturbation for years. Trying to walk in Christ but failing him miserably almost daily. I was molested at a young age (6 years old) by a female cousin in my family who was much older (17) and when I told my mom right after it happened right in front of her mother she denied me and dismissed me as a liar and I've worn that title the rest of my life. I am 37 now and I have been at a spiritual standstill I have been on mission trip to Puerto Rico and I have become a leader in my church teaching the missionettes friends group (middle school aged girls) I have been trying to over come my hurts and be delivered but I back slide and back slide day after day after day and I have been praying and praying. I was even smoking marijuana on a daily basis even right before church and right after. Dec 31 2016 was my last high and I swore I wouldn't do it again if God would just take control. I've been praying and praying for a break through and tonight ive received it to God be the Glory. I even lost custody of my children when I lived in CT and had just lost them right before that Sunday morning you slain me in the Spirit and helped bring me to Christ. I look forward to watching every night and using these next 20 nights to strip all that away from me and walk wholly IN CHRIST I thank you so much for being you and I thank God for sending you again into my life as a role model and an inspiration I love you sister may God bless you always


I apologize if my conversation is all over the place as I wipe the constant stream of tears flowing from my eyes

 In Pursuit...

Hi Apostle,

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I have really searched myself to find out what I've been hiding. FEAR! Fear of not being loved. All my life I have had to go above and beyond just to be noticed. I have given so much of myself away just so that someone would love me. And it wasn't even real love, it was conditional. As long as I could "DO" they were willing to stay. I've given myself away over and over again in the pursuit of LOVE. I don't want to be alone and thought of being alone scares me. That fear causes me, ironically to close myself up and to push others away because I figure I should leave them before they leave me. In my mind nobody wants me and eventually their going to leave anyway. This fear has caused me to be insecure, feeling that I will never be good enough or that I will never measure up to who and what others expect me to be. So in all that I realize that I have hid myself from everyone including my family because of rejection. I just want to say that I greatly appreciate this 30 day detox. It has caused me to confront myself and in that confrontation I've been left with no choice but to deal with the matters of my heart and soul. I thank God for using you to help me recover myself. God bless you! I love you!!!

Coming Out of Hiding

Wow... when I met you first, during the prophetic training and it was closed couple weeks in.... and offered to just members I did not understand and I felt that you did not want me there because I was " not suited" I was hurt and felt rejected for a long time. When I came back for the second event I kind of felt out of place... nothing you said or did... but because of my deep pain of rejection and "being abducted and raped" as a child,where I was told not by the person who took me to not speak or I would be killed. I isolated and insulated myself. When I spoke I thought people could see the mess on me. He told me I was a witch.... your teaching has ripped my heart out; or so it feels. But I must continue because I want to meet the real me ..... did not realize that this was hidden in me until now. I'm coming out of hiding.

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