WWI - I believe an attack has been released, let’s pray!

I dreamed about masks last night. This type of 🎭 and even as a seer, I saw the word MASK.

Before the interpretation, I’m praying 🧎🏾 for believers as this attack is here 🌍 and it’s started already. This isn’t political, this is in our relationships, maybe even our homes, be watchful.

Pray, recognize and war against it! This attack is a masked, railing accusation spirit against people that will attempt to cause damage! People will be deceived if they don’t use discernment in this season of attack, they’ll become weary fighting people vs the spirit behind the person. It’s the spirit of the accuser - it has nothing to do with God, God doesn’t get glory in this - God exposes to bring healing and this isn’t the agenda of this attack! I’m talking about suspiciousness, fear, and wounded-ness, that’s trying to bring you into bondage! It’s against your Apostleship, your prophetic mandate, your apostolic call, even your good intentions!

This needs to be handled in the courts of Heaven. It’s a well planned strategic attack against your God and the kingdom of God by attacking you!

If this spirit has found its way to you or if it does, join me in prayer, every morning this week online at 5:30am!

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