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Intentional Mentoring by Suzanne M Howard

Have you been wondering... maybe just a little or maybe just a little curious about what life coaching is, or if it's really necessary for you, especially mental health life coaching?

Maybe you do get a taste every January for 30 days and that's a great do it yourself way! However, what I'm offering is a combination of a mini life coaching plan with my mentoring program this March 30th for four weeks. let me explain...

We'll meet as a small group, every Thursday 7pm- 8:30pm, for 4 weeks. Each week I'll discuss the program plan for that session, answer any questions as a group or privately, then give you the soul-work assignment aka homework that week. Soul Work is an extension of our session time together and you'll have a week to get it started and the entire 4 weeks to complete it!

Our goal? First, to show you how "MHLC" is not scarry, not therapy but does completely revolutionize your life for the better!

It's my honest attempt to get you to know, what you don't know, about yourself! Secondly, to start a level of self awareness in your personal and private life and lastly, to show you your foundation. How you got where you are, who contributed to it, (you might even be surprised) what beliefs you took with you from your childhood, whether real or perceived real and to get you started with a life plan!

Of course, further sessions willl be important and recommended but it's totally up to you! Sign up, as soon as you can,. I will have a shut off count in order to meet my goals with you as a small group.

Are you feeling more optimistic but still that negative second-cousin "self talk" still trying to hold a conversation with you? Okay, let me give you a sample taste of what this all looks like: Session 1 ,

Program plan: Do you have a plan for your life? Let's discuss the ten step plan. What are the patterns in your life that may be destroying your chance to change your life and have what you want?

Discussion: I'll discuss (4) in particular-

Note: Be advised that you are going to be writing down a lot of things as we progress through the rest of the program. I recommend that you get some type of journal where you can do all of the “homework” in one place as we move forward. (For the serious at heart, a Large whiteboard or easel would be good too) to see your work being presently clearly on screen.

Soulwork: 1. give me a snap shot view of your life's most marked memories 2. Let's get to know you: what excuses are you most likely to use that you tend to default to They've kept you in a rut in some if not all areas of your desired life.

Register! Your God 🌎 has the universe calling you!

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