Healthy Living & Soul’utions

Are co-partnering with a bi-monthly magazine on health, wealth living and soul prosperity!

I am so excited to be given this opportunity!

My craft is mental health coaching and counseling, not the magazine industry. So, what’s perfect about this opportunity?

Is that the majority of the content will be written by experts in the health and wealth industry!

My contribution, will be right where my craft is! Each issue, I will have a clearly written first page letter to my subscribers, a nicely branded back cover differing each issue, with information on Soul’utions events, personal assessments on self-esteem, passive aggressiveness, sex and the soul, etc! 👏 👏

Also, hold onto your pandemic boredom! We will be doing live broadcasts corresponding to each issue’s content. For example, together we’ll be cooking recipes, enjoying the teas together and sharing in group live discussions on article stories and such! What an awesome community!

Omg exhale! Breathing out, breathing in...

Are you ready? Of course you are! A great majority of you have been with me since January 2017 and we are growing together!

So, please subscribe by clicking the link below.

September’s issue is FREE!

Then only $5.00 per bI-monthly issue, that‘s only $30.00 a year! wooooo whoooooo.

Please join in this community and enjoy Solutions for your Soul!


Suzanne M Howard

Certified Mental Health Coach

Personal Development Life Coach

Co-branding entrepreneur of Healthy Living Magazine@


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