Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Coaching & Counseling?

A Counselor helps people address and resolve problems that make them feel bad emotionally, or are impairing their ability to function well. A Coach tutors, instructs or trains in certain areas of life, professional life or minsitry. Christian counseling consists of professional clinicians, pastoral counselors and many others who deliver counseling and care giving to a wide range of clients from a distinctively christian worldview. A Lay Counselor is a caring individual without professional credentials- who are certified in particular areas to counsel those who seek spiritual and emotional help in the church and ministry environments.

Where can "lay" counselors serve?

Lay helpers provide an important complimentary ministry to traditional mental-health services. Many people do not have insurance for counseling or cant afford to pay high deductibles to cover professional counseling services. Some Pastors have limited training or feel to busy to minister effectively to hurting people. In these situations, trained lay persons can fill an important need as long as proper guidelines are implemented. Preliminary research supports the efficiacy of lay help

Where can I be trained to become a counselor?

I'm glad you asked! Right here. We offer semi-annual training for lay counselors, christian counselors and coaches. We also support their early start up of their business with training, ongoing support, intermittent workshops with workshop training to add to your resume. **If you are planning to earn a degree there's a range of christian colleges who offer degrees in Psychology- Christian Counseling. Or you can check most colleges for degrees in psychology.

Does Soul Detox offer Counseling & Coaching?

Yes, you can receive Christian & General Counseling as well as coaching and mentoring through our office.

When is the training offered?

June 8, 2019- is our next Christian Counselor- Lay Person Counselor Training Classes Location: The Apostles House, (main level) 131 E. Elliott St, Hartford, CT. 06114 These classes are NOT apart of The Apostles House but Suzanne M Howard Ministries and Soul Detox, so please follow us for all information regarding this training. We offer Life Coach & Christian Counselor training, semi-annually. Please subscribe to this website so that you can get the fastest and latest offerings available.

Can I take the training classes on-line?

Absolutely! We are a state of the art training and counseling and coaching business. These classes are offered on-line (distance learning) as well as in-person. Theres One registration- after the resgistration link is successfully processed, our distant learners will receive information on links that need to be downloaded.